Friday, February 26, 2016

Caucus 2016 Endorsements

Next Saturday is the Caucuses here in Kansas. With that it is time to look at the Presidential candidates. Who does the Baldwin City Gazette endorse in the March 5 caucuses?
The Republican Caucuses
On the Republican side our favorite is Ted Cruz. Our reasons, are spelled out below.
Official portrait of
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Cruz is strong on the budget. So much so, he supports beginning the Constitutional amendment process to require a balanced budget.  This would take a two-thirds majority vote in both chambers of Congress and then ratified by three-fourths of all the states (currently 38). A balanced budget means that no budget bill can pass out of Congress without being balanced. Thus would end the out of control overspending we have come to see each year.
Cruz is strongly opposed to Common Core and believes education needs to be at the state or local level. Stating in various interviews that we should get the federal government out of the business of curriculum.
Gun Control
Cruz opposes strict gun control. Gun control laws do not work. The problem is that many of the laws that already exist, are not strictly enforced. We need to focus on enforcement of existing laws, not creating new laws take away the rights of law abiding citizens.
When it comes to taxes, Cruz is a supporter of the flat tax.  We have long been a supporter of the flat tax.  First, the flat tax would eliminate the dreaded IRS. No need for all those federal agents, if everyone is paying a flat tax rate. There would be no deductions. Instead of paying 25% of your paycheck in taxes, the flat rate would be 10% across the board.  This can be done because there is no deductions. Which is why we like the flat tax so much.

 The Democratic Caucuses

On the Democratic side, we endorse Bernie Sanders.  Below we look at few of the issues we liked best.
photo courtesy of the Bernie
Sanders Senate website.

While his chief opponent Hilary Clinton, is opposed to free choice in education and wishes to shut down homeschooling and mandate k-12 education in public schools, he has been mostly quiet on the matter.  Although he has not confirmed it; it is generally regarded that he feels the issue is a state issue and not a federal issue.  The fact that he is not vocally opposed to homeschooling is a plus in our books.
Also in education, he has repeatedly said in campaign stumps as well as on his website, that he wants to make public colleges and universities tuition free. He wants to cut student loan interest rates and allow Americans to refinance student loans at today’s low interest rates. His plan includes imposing a tax on Wall Street speculators. We have issue with the additional taxes this would involve. However, we do like the idea of free education from Kindergarten through the college years. An idea, that I thought about as far back as the early 90's.
Gun Control
 Sanders view on gun control is mixed, perhaps because he has many rural gun owners in his home state of Vermont. He has voted for some gun restrictions and against others. In general, he is opposed to new gun laws. Although, he has said that he is open to new laws. While it may not be the best viewpoint, it is far better then that of Clinton's.
Other Issues
 His more Libertarian views include:
Sanders supports clemency for Edward Snowden
Voted against the 2001 Patriot Act
Voted against bailing out Wall Street
Voted against the Iraq War
Introduced legislation to allow medical cannabis.

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