Friday, February 5, 2016

Baldwin City Library BookTALK Series continues in February

Book discussion continues on "Contemporary Immigration"

The second book in this Spring's BookTALK Series "Contemporary ImmigrationCaramelo by Sandra Cisneros is now available for check out at the Baldwin City Library. Beginning with family trips from Chicago to Mexico in the 1960s, circling back to stories from the Mexican Civil War, Cisneros weaves a dense tapestry of family, identity, and immigration in a fancifully postmodern style incorporating footnotes and characters who argue with the narrator.  

The series "Contemporary Immigration" helps us examine America as a "nation of immigrants." But that simple phrase disguises a complex interaction of push-pull forces that has brought a shifting range of immigrants to American shores over time. We readers will see how each new wave of immigration brings new traditions, new foods, new styles, new artistic traditions, and new histories into the complex mosaic of American life. Use of salsa, it has been widely reported, now outpaces consumption of ketchup. New immigration also has deeply enriched the range of American literature, as the works in this series show. ​

Baldwin City residents are invited to come to talk about this book at their February 16th discussion session at the Baldwin City Library, which will begin at 7:00 p.m. The discussion leader will be Peter Haney, who is the assistant director for the Center of Latin American Studies at the University of Kansas. ​Light refreshments will include coffee provided by Jitters Java and Ice to warm up the conversation. 

Friends of the Baldwin City Library join with the Kansas Humanities Council to sponsor these BookTALK discussion sessions.

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