Monday, January 11, 2016

Old Castle Museum

The oldest University in Kansas is Baker University in Baldwin City, KS. Here, in what is known as the Old Castle Museum is the oldest university building in Kansas. This building (pictured below)  housed the first classes of Baker University.Thus making it the oldest university building in Kansas. The Castle museum holds some old artifacts from the 1800 period, and was built in 1857. Methodist ministers started the college in Palmyra, which is now known as Baldwin City.

photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Tours available by appointment
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photographer Kevin Surbaugh
Erected this building and opened its door for instruction November 22, 1858

Werner Renick Davis, President

The trustees realizing their financial inability to construct a building to meet their dreams of the future requirements of the college, erected this building here as a temporary educational center rather than on the campus which had been already designated.

Erected by:
1908 by Class of 1891 on its Fiftieth Anniversary.

photographer Kevin Surbaugh
The Kibbee Cabin is a replica of a log cabin which stood on the crest of the Santa Fe Ridge north of Baldwin City where a group of Methodist ministers met to form Baker University in 1857. It was also the site of the first sermon preached by the church to white settlers in Kansas. Lucius Kibbee, who originally owned the cabin, was acquitted in Kansas' first manslaughter trial for killing a proslavery neighbor who attacked him because of Kibbee's stand against slavery. The floor and some of the furnishings are from the original cabin.

photographer Kevin Surbaugh
The Palmyra Post Office was used in 1857-62. This building is a replica of the original.

513 5th Street
Baldwin City KS 66006

Handicapped Accessibility:
There are small step's to all three buildings, meaning known of them are accessible to those facing mobility issues. The original university building is multiple stories which are only accessible via stairs. No elevators available. 


  1. I love these old buildings, even if they are replicas!! It's gives the town a certain charm about it. I would love to have the chance to visit here!! :)

    1. I love them to Chrissy. The town is absolutely wonderful. Only one hotel, but that's okay, it's a nice quite town of 5,000. I'm sure they would love to have you visit.


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