Monday, January 4, 2016

Ghost Town - Henson

Henson reportedly was formerly called Pendleton in the late 1800s and part of 1900. However, I have not found any confirmation of this.
There were a few houses there and a Fina™ gas station. most of the inhabitants moved to more populated towns. the town was possibly involved with the Burlington Railroad, which currently still runs through there. if you drive through Henson you will still see remains of the old Fina gas station, which was converted into a house.
photographer Kevin Surbaugh

The old building still stands, but is dilapidated in disrepair. This building and an a new house on the other side of the railroad tracks is all that remains of what was once Henson. Everything else is farmland. If you have any other information about this area and/or the gas station/grocery store that used to be here, please let us know.


  1. I hope they are going to keep this little house! They should take the time and turn it into a great memory of Henson. With maybe a cute population sign of one. :)


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