Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Baldwin City Council Meeting - January 25, 2016

After a holiday delay and a weather related postponement, the regular 3rd Monday of the month City Council meeting was held Monday January 25, 2016. With Mayor Marilyn Pearse unable to attend, Council President Kathy Gerstner lead the meeting. No one wished to speak during public comments. The council passed unanimously ordinance 1336, the 2nd reading of the KCP&L franchise agreement and 1337 the 2nd reading of the Marshal Wind Farm agreement.
Mike Bosch, RG Fiber, addresses the city council
on January 25, 2016.
Photographer Kevin Surbaugh
Mike Bosch of RG Fiber, spoke to the city council for the city to consider a conduit sharing agreement and a franchise fee agreement. Saying, his companies mantra was, "Speed to the masses," as he began his presentation. Asking to share the conduit the city already shares under High Street. The only thing in the conduit is a fiber to get internet to the Baldwin City Fire Department.
The last half of Bosch's presentation was about the difference between franchise fees and licensing agreements. On the franchise fee side their competitors pay a franchise fee of 5% to the city.
During the questioning by city council members a brief discussion ensued whether it was all conduit or just the conduit under High Street. Council member Tony Brown thought it would be best not to bring in other potential conduit at this time. The council decided to direct staff to draw up the proposed agreements.

In other council business:

  • Flint Hills Holdings, LLC was before the council again this year seeking tax credits to redevelop the former junior high school on Chapel Street into 30 affordable living apartments. The council approved the resolution.
  • Ordinance 1338 to rezone a property near Ridgeline Road will move forward to a second reading. The new zoning would allow for single family or duplex homes.
    New City Administrator, Glenn Rodden.
    Photographer Kevin Surbaugh

    Gerstner thanked Brad Smith for his service as interim City Administrator and introduced Glenn Rodden, who was in attendance with his wife.
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