Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Baldwin City Council Meet January 4, 2016

The first Baldwin City council meeting of 2016 was called to order by Mayor Marilyn Pearse (at 7 pm). The council unanimously approved the draft minutes of December 11th and 12th special meetings and the December 21st regular meeting.
No members of the community wished to speak to the council during public comments.  There was no old business to discuss, so the council moved on to new business.  First up, was the first reading of ordinance 1336, KCPL franchise fee. Allowing KCPL to operate and move through the city to repair and maintain their power lines. In addition the ordinance would provide the city a 5% fee from KCPL, should the city annex new areas that would make KCPL customers city residents.  A motion by Kathy Kerstner was unanimously agreed upon to move forward to a second reading.  The only other item under new business was ordinance 1337 allowing the city administrator to enter into agreement with Marshall Wind Farm was also unanimously agreed  upon to move to forward to a second reading.

photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Mayor Pearse brought forward an item that wasn't on  the consent agenda. With great sadness of the closing of the Baldwin City signal, she moved to name the Lawrence Journal World as the new official paper of Baldwin City. The council unanimously approved and as such, the Journal World will be the official paper until such time as they chose to change the papers.
Greg Neis, Chief of Police, presented proposed revisions to the cities animal control regulations to clarify the differences in current code eliminating the definition of vicious animal. Under the proposal the only definitions would be nuisance and dangerous animals.
The discussion briefly Segued to chickens. Staff members responded to Council Member, Christi Darnell's comments and questions about chickens in the city limits, saying that they do not aggressively look for chickens. Instead they take them by complaint basis.  Generally chickens, but not roosters, are allowed inside the city limits as long as they are not within 300 feet of a neighbors structure.
Back to dogs, they have eliminated breed specific regulations, focusing instead on nuisance or dangerous animals, on an individual basis. The council gave unanimous consent to draft a resolution as the chief of police had proposed.
The council, then adjourned to a ten minute executive session, with the cities attorney, before the council adjourned their regular meeting at 7:46.

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