Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tennessee Town Mural

On the south-facing wall of a building owned by WCW Property Management at Huntoon and Lane is one of the newest murals in Topeka.

photographer Kevin Surbaugh
The building depicted on the left in the mural is the artists representation of what had been part of the shopping center on the same lot.  Though the building containing the mural is all that remains of the old shopping center, the artist wished to give an idea had been there.
The building depicted in the center is Buchanan Elementary and is now the Buchanan Center.
Then the building on the right side of the mural depicts the school at the center of  Brown v Board.
Finally, the roads kind of gives a nod to the emerald city and is somewhat  of a metaphor to future growth.

photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Jaime Colon

More Information:
Topeka ArtsConnect

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