Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Quayle Rare Bible Collection

The collection of rare Bibles at Baker University started when Bishop William Alfred Quayle, left his collection of 250 volumes, to Baker University, at the time of his death in 1925. The collection contains rare Bibles as well as other items such as handwritten scrolls, and bible translations that range in age from 2000 BC to the present. Not to mention, Bibles signed by every president since Harry S. Truman. The collection now includes 900 pieces.
However, not every piece in the collection is displayed at any one time.  Each year, the curator carefully selects the pieces that will be displayed with that years theme (Sept 5, 2015-July 31, 2016 is King David: Poet, Warrior, Seducer & Murderer).
photographer Kevin Surbaugh

photographer Kevin Surbaugh

In the lobby, just before entering the collection are a few of the Bibles that were sent to each President since Harry Truman. 
Bibles signed by President Obama (center), Ronald Reagan (top left),
John Kennedy (top right) and Dwight Eisenhower) bottom right)
photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Bible signed by President Obama. Photographer Kevin Surbaugh
In addition is a room from the Urishay Castle, in England near the border with Wales.  The original castle that this room was once part of, was inhabited by the Delehay Family in the late 19th century.
photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Hours:         Saturday & Sunday 
                    or by appointment
                    CLOSED: All Holidays; July 4 & 5; August 1 - 31

Admission:  Free

Website:       http://www.bakeru.edu/quayle  

Phone:         (785) 594-8414

photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Location:    Collins Library at Baker University
                    518 Eighth Street
                    Baldwin City, Kansas 66006

photographer Kevin Surbaugh

Handicapped Accessibility: The building is accessible, however it is street parking, which may make it harder to get to the sidewalk and/or curb cut. 

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