Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Topeka Zoo

According to Wikipedia, the Topeka Zoo is a medium-sized zoo in Topeka, KS. According to the same article, the history of the zoo started in 1899 when the Gage Family donated 80 acres to the city of Topeka for use as public park. Over the years, the park has accumulated playgrounds, a swimming pool, a fishing lake, a mini train, a rose garden, and a carousel.

The zoo was opened in the park in 1933. A number of additional exhibits were constructed over the next number of years, and in 1963 the city hired its first zoo director, Gary K. Clarke. The first major facility at the zoo was constructed in 1966 to house large mammals. Clarke went on to get many of the current exhibits constructed, including Gorilla Encounter (1985), the Koala Exhibit (1986), Lion’s Pride (1989), the Tropical Rainforest (1974), and Discovering Apes (in two phases first in 1981 and second one in 1985).

Why is the Topeka Zoo sometimes referred to as the "World Famous Topeka Zoo"?

At one time the Topeka Zoo was world renowned. Thus the name "World Famous Topeka Zoo". But why? The biggest reason is they had the first golden eagle bred and born in captivity (1971). Another reason is that the Zoo was one of the first indoor tropical rain forests in the United States (1974).

Handicapped Accessibility
The zoo is pretty accessible throughout the campus including most of the buildings.

635 SW Gage Blvd
Topeka, KS 66606
Topeka Zoo

History of Topeka Zoo Directors
Gary Clarke (1963-1989)
Hugh Quinn (1990-1993)
Mike LaRue (1993-1998)
David Mask (1999-2001)
Mike Coker (2001-2009)
Brendan Wiley (2011-present)

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