Monday, August 24, 2015

8 Foot Faberge Eggs

In 2003 the Treasures of the Czars, Faberge Eggs made their second and last stop on their USA tour. As part of the tour, their were eight giant eggs, each being eight feet tall as part of the promotion for the tour.  Afterwards, they were sold.
I have not been able to find all eight eggs, but I have located two of the eggs still publicly visible from the street.  One of which is on the lawn of a public business.  That one is on the lawn of the YWCA in downtown Topeka.
YWCA Downtown
225 SW 12th Street 

photo by Kevin Surbaugh

photo by Kevin Surbaugh

The other is in the front yard of a private home on a side street in Topeka's Central Park neighborhood.  The owners of the home, Eric Davis and his wife, said that the artist was in poor health, otherwise they would have him touch it up.

approximately 1214 SW Throop Street
photo by Kevin Surbaugh

We will continue looking for the other six, rumor has it one of the other eggs is in a private yard in nearby Rossville, KS.

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