Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hidden Cash in Topeka

This past weekend the Hidden Cash craze that had taken San Francisco by storm arrived in Kansas. Anonymous donors not connected to the San Francisco millionaire have teamed up to bring the excitement to the sunflower state. Saturday was the first few drops around Topeka. The first being at the Rainbow colored Unity House. That one being in the amount of $50.
The second was at Sk8 Away, which contained $20 and a skate pass, then two more (1 inside and the other outside) of $20 each at the Kansas Expocenter. 
Sunday and Monday brought nothing but teases of a possible drop.  Tuesday was pretty quite until around 7 pm, when a spur of the moment drop was made in the little park, home of the iconic WREN bird.
photographer Kevin Surbaugh
The clue for that one was, "Remember wren I flew higher."  Upon reading that, my wife and I went on the look for some hidden cash.  Arriving there was no one there, with more arriving after the wife and I. However, we were to late. It had been found and they had already left.  Oh well, better luck next time.  Then all sudden around 10 pm, Topeka had another spur of the moment drop,  HiddenCashKs tweeted, "Topeka! Here's another spur of the moment drop! Chesney park, on clay and Buchannan! Get there and start looking!" With the wife manning the computer, I ran out to the car and drove to my old stomping ground in search of the cash.  When I arrived, she was on the phone letting me know if there was any updates.  There were none. Just replies about the drop. Some concerned that it was to dangerous of a neighborhood to be out so late at night.  Others like me who spent two hours, even though the park closed at 11 pm, trying to figure out where this cash was.  Finally the last of us left. Not knowing if the cash was found or if someone didn't report finding it or what. No second clue came and it was just getting to late to keep looking. 
Rumor is that this weekend, the anonymous people behind this form of Pay It Forward, will be doing a possible massive scavenger type hunt. With multiple drops in one location.  Sounds like fun, if in fact it comes to fruition. Who knows there could be more between now and the weekend to.  Only time will see. 

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