Friday, May 9, 2014

Santa Fe 3463

The vintage Sante Fe 3463 locomotive above was designed by H.H. Lanning and his staff in Topeka, Kansas, and built in 1937 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Pennsylvania. The steam locomotive was first assigned between La Junta, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois.

photo by Kevin Surbaugh

Later with the introduction of the diesel engine, service was changed to Kansas City and Oklahoma City and Kansas City between Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eventually being displaced by diesel in the 1950's, the #3463 made it's last run in 1953 with a run between Newton, Kansas, and Emporia, Kansas. For three years, the class 4-6-4 locomotive remained in Emporia until 1956 when it was permanently moved to the Topeka Fairgrounds which is more commonly known today as the Kansas Expocentre. This steam locomotive is the only one from this class in existence today.

photo by Kevin Surbaugh
This locomotive was built in 1937 and retired in 1953.

photo by Kevin Surbaugh

Kansas Expocenter
One Expocenter Drive
Southeast parking lot just off Topeka near 17th
South of hotel
photo by Kevin Surbaugh
People with mobility issues in grassy area will find it difficult to get close to. The best way to access it, for the closest view if you have mobility issues is the hike and bike trail that runs behind  it in the pictures above. That of course may still be difficult for some with mobility issues.

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