Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Washburn University - What is an Ichabod

This video is a great answer to what many outside Topeka ask. To understand one has to know the very basic history. For the purpose of this article we will give you a more detailed answer. A more complete history if you will.
Founded in 1865 as Lincoln College in Downtown Topeka. Three years later, in 1868, Ichabod Washburn donated some land at the present day location. In recognition to his support, the college renamed themselves after the New England
philanthropist Deacon Ichabod Washburn. Becoming a municipal university in 1941, and today it receives partial funding from the state of Kansas.
Photo by Ron Lopez-Reese
Topeka History Geeks (on Facebook)
Present Day Washburn University
Located at:
1700 College Ave (17th and Washburn)
Historical Marker
Located at Original College Location
(10th and Jackson) 120 SW 10th Avenue

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