Friday, April 4, 2014

First Friday Poetry Crawl

One of the main things Topeka has is the First Friday Art Walk. For those unfamiliar with what an Art Walk is, let me give you a brief explanation. There is number Art Exhibits around town that stays open later on a specific day, in this case the first Friday of each month, to encourage the public to visit and appreciate the arts and often times enjoy some simple refreshments. 
Now as part of the First Friday Art Walk is a new feature that is being called the First Friday Poetry Crawl. At each participating location a poet is there reading a few selections of their poetry.  Once they read a few selections they mingle with the attendees until the next time they read.  My wife and I only attended one (1) of the fifteen (15) locations for tonight's Poetry Crawl.
The location we chose was Oddfellows Books and the poet we heard was Annette Billings. The crowd seemed to be a good size, perhaps 15-20 in the small amount of space.  All of whom seemed to enjoy the selections that she had chose to read.
Perhaps next month the wife and I will be able to participate in more of the various exhibits and readings.  See you all there.

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