Thursday, March 13, 2014

Prize Package

We are on the search for the best burger in Topeka. Here is how we rate the burger joints that we will review. First we put heavy emphasis on where the joint is headquartered, Local (Topeka) will garner an automatic 10 bonus points. Kansas owned chains (headquartered in Lawrence, Wichita, etc) an automatic 5 bonus points and National chains (those headquartered outside the state) will garner an automatic 0 bonus points.  The ten categories that we will use in our search for the best burger in Topeka will be 1.Burger Patties Quality, 2. Bun Quality, 3. Customer Service, 4. Garnish Quality, 5. Fries Quality, 6. Atmosphere, 7. Order Accuracy, 8. Cleanliness (Restrooms, Dinning area, Entrance, etc), 9. Building Accessibility and 10. Price. All categories will earn a score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the poorest.
photo by Kevin Surbaugh
Prize Package is one of those unique gems every city should have. Nestled in a small unassuming building (that looks like it was a gas station in earlier days), this place is well respected for its burgers and chili dogs.
photo by Kevin Surbaugh
Bonus Points:
10 points
This is a Topeka only operation.

1.Burger Patties Quality

8 points
In my humble opinion the burger quality  was good, however it is a good thing I got a double. The burgers were thin, so the double made more meaty to truly enjoy the burger taste.

2. Bun Quality
6 points 
The bun was good, but I wouldn't call it anything special. It wasn't toasted or buttered.  It appears to have simply been taken out of the bag with the burger makings then simply placed on the bun. 

3. Customer Service
10 points
I truly enjoyed the great friendly customer service.

4. Garnish Quality
8 points
The garnish was fresh. The only downside was they were out of lettuce.  The issue with the lettuce was the only thing that brought down the rating.

5. Fries Quality
7 points
The fries were very, very tasty  until my very last bite. That bit included a small piece of onion ring which I didn't know about before I bit into it. Not a good thing for someone with an onion allergy.  I was prepared to give the fries a higher score before this bite, but the last bite ruined the great experience my wife and I had with the fries.

6. Atmosphere
9 points
The only thing I can really talk about as for atmosphere is the great oldies music that was playing in the background.  The place also is kind of like a mini convenience store as well. They also sell cigarettes, tobacco and lottery.

7. Order Accuracy

8. Cleanliness (Restrooms, Dinning area, Entrance, etc)
10 points
Entrance: Didn't see a speck of dirt or trash anywhere around or inside the entrance/lobby area.
Dinning Area: N/A (There is no seating area)
Restrooms N/A (There is no public restrooms)

9. Building Accessibility
9 points
   The building is pretty accessible for those with mobility issues. The only downside would be when a line develops inside, in the small area in front of the counter. The only downside is that there is no handicapped parking, in-fact there isn't much parking at all.
photo by Kevin Surbaugh

10. Price
9 points
The pricing of this burger joint is absolutely great at $2.05 for a double burger, $2.35 for the 1 large fry my wife and I shared and 95 cents per 12 oz can of soda pop. Really the only downside is that they only accept cash. Which is a plus (as to many use credit like it's going out of style), but often times I run my debit card as credit, because I don't have the cash on me. They did tell me that they were working on getting the capabilities of taking cards, but didn't know when that would happen.

Over all we really enjoyed this place.  The over all points for this review was 9.8 points

1420 SE 6th Ave
Topeka, KS 66607
(785) 232-5764
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm

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  1. They were out of lettuce true. I also asked for tomato on my double burger which apparently they were out of tomatoes also because they didn't put tomato on my burger as I ordered.


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