Saturday, March 29, 2014

M&M World is Now Open in Topeka for Two Weeks

Today my wife and made our way downtown and visited the temporary (pop-up) M&M World Store. 
Large lines of M&M fans
wait to enter the
M&M pop up store in downtown Topeka.
Photo by Kevin Surbaugh
All kinds of M&M merchandise
on display in the M&M World
Store in downtown Topeka.
Photo by Kevin Surbaugh

We had to wait for more then an hour before being able enter the store.  Though they had some custom made M & M's that said I Love Topeka, those were almost sold out. My wife and I were able to purchase 1/4 LB of these at $12.99/LB, as you can see in the bottom right picture.  I just wish that the store was going to be around more then a couple of weeks.  Of course downtown, especially that side of the street is not the most handicapped friendly. In fact there is no ADA parking on that side of the street. Still though  it was worth making the trek down there.  Hopefully the powers that be, will change their mind and establish the store full time. Then the only question that I will have is, does the new plant offer tours?

Pat posing with the large M&M
on the sidewalk outside the pop up store.
Photo by Kevin Surbaugh

Some of the I Love Topeka
M&M's that was for sale
in the M & M pop up store.
Photo by Kevin Surbaugh

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